Stories with Ankita Anand

Stories with Ankita Anand

Stories with Ankita Anand

This month we are meeting the gorgeous Ankita Anand, she is a media artist living and working in London.   


Can you tell us a bit about the work you do? 

I am a new media artist who uses creative coding and programming, in particular, I am interested in exploring places where spirituality and technology might overlap. The medium (performance, installation or video) is chosen by the intention of the work, creating a clear link between the two. I wish to make the boundaries between spirituality and technology more fluid by introducing eastern approaches like yogic philosophy into the debates regarding AI (Artificial Intelligence). My artistic work attempts to link this ancient science back to contemporary and future technologies and how these approaches can be further developed to accommodate diversity and inclusiveness.

How do you start your day?

I look out of my window and observe the sky. I then start my yogic practices.

What is are your favourite things to do when you have time off?

I love swimming, especially open-water swimming. Somehow to me, it doesn’t feel like an exercise, it is always a harmonizing experience.

I also like to spend my time around trees – walking in the park or woods. Trees are the most beautiful, ancient and healing beings.


How would you describe your home interior?

I live in a converted Victorian Train Station! It was later opened as a museum, so it is a mix of high ceilings, Venetian windows, natural stone with eclectic wall paint, and of course a lot of plants.  


What does success mean to you? 

For me, success is when you move beyond yourself and do things for others.

 What is your favourite London thing to do?

Going for a moonlight winter swim at the London Fields Lido.


How do you relax?

Treating myself to a warm bath with a mix of essential oils and Arokiyam candles.

What do you think is our most important environmental issue to tackle?

I think it would be conserving soil – promoting organic & biodynamic farming and planting many many more trees.

Have you got a place you like to travel to?

I love exploring India – one lifetime is not enough to see every part of the country.  

What is your favourite book?

That would be Mystic’s Musings by Sadhguru, I briefly read it when I was 16 and it has remained with me ever since. It transcends the meaning of a book and words; it can go way beyond.

 Website Link:

Instagram Link: @_ankitaanand

 Ankita loves the Jasmine and Patchouli Candle:

'At my home in India I remember smelling a fragrant jasmine bush that was in our garden and the woody tones of patchouli remind me of petrichor, which is the smell of earth after it rains. The combination of the two scents - floral and earthy - takes me back to my childhood days.'