Stories with Beata Paluskiewicz

Stories with Beata Paluskiewicz

Stories with Beata Paluskiewicz

Beata Paluskiewicz is a model and founder of The Lass London, she lives in west London and talks to us about starting her company and what motivates her. 


How do you start your day?

A big glass of water first, followed by a few positive affirmations, then skincare routine and a few thoughts about what I'm grateful for today, light stretches - some days 5-10 minute meditation, porridge, oat milk coffee, make the bed, concealer, mascara, clothes and I'm ready to start the day. For me the morning routine is everything. I believe that this is a core to my day, where I can create lots of positive energy and prepare for a long day. 

We'd love to know about your career path so far! Tell us how you got to where you are now? 

Modeling came along almost 10 years ago when I used to live in Poland. At first, it was an additional income whilst at University, the real career started when I moved to London 5 years ago. London is a top place to be and work as a fashion model, the home of never-ending designers and brands. Being represented by one of the best agencies PRM London opened the door to big brands like Burberry, Stella McCartney, Topshop, Anthropology, M&S, Next, White Company, Tresemme, Rixo, Jaeger, Jigsaw, Wallis, Matches, Net-a-Porter, Bamford and other smaller brands too, which I'm enormously grateful for.  

What do you like about your job? 

People! I have always been all about connection and meeting new personalities, as a Cancer (star sign) I more than anything love to hear the story of others and be there when people need me! Of course, traveling, clothes, and makeup are a fun part too but they are just tools in this job. The best material is created on shoots when the whole team is enjoying each other's company and the day goes really by really fast. I'm lucky to work with the same brands, photographers, makeup artists, and models over and over again so we get to catch up on life, which makes me really happy! On top of it a few of my best friends I met at work, and we became friends for life. 

How would you solve a challenging world issue?

 Unfortunately, we're facing so many challenging issues in our current world. At the moment, all my attention is focused on waste caused by the fashion industry. Each year it produces too many clothes that eventually end up in the landfill, not to mention the 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from global textile production. That's why I have to do something about it and recently launched The Lass London as a rescue plan for the planet. I would love to encourage people to rewear, rebuy and relove vintage and pre-owned brands which can be in amazing condition and deserve a second chance. We totally understand that not everyone has time, luck and patience to find some great quality items in second-hand shops that's why we're doing this for you. Carefully selected items, amazing quality, barely worn, sometimes even with the tag on- as never worn, crazy right! I have a bigger vision for The Lass London and hopefully, our work and dedication can help mother earth. Rewearing clothes, swapping, renting and hunting good vintage is the most sustainable fashion way. 


What motivates you?

 The future, the goals, the ability to leave something bigger and meaningful behind me and the fact that I can be better today than yesterday. 

How would you describe your home interior? 

Scandinavian with a vintage touch. You will find lots of books, plants, and paintings. The studio is small but has a unique atmosphere and big windows overlooking a 'secret garden.' Very grateful for this little gem in the middle of London. 

What does success mean to you?

I used to think that is was money and popularity. Now I'd say that is is a job which brings you joy, a home full of love and time for the most important people in your life and yourself. 

Is there anything you would like to change about the world? 

I would love to see more authenticity and care towards others, animals and the planet. Less judging and jealousy, more kindness and compassion. 


Have you got a favorite phrase? 

'Stay close to people who feel like sunlight' 

Life is moving to fast, circumstances change, we have no choice sometimes and have to face tough moments, that's why it is so important to be surrounded by positive energy human beings. 

What is your favorite London thing to do?

Stroll around iconic buildings in the center with oat milk coffee and appreciate the beauty of London. Sometimes when I need more connection to nature, a long walk in Richmond Park or Hampstead Heath or even Hyde Park. 

 What has helped you get to where you are so far? 

Positive thinking and believing that things can work, I guess the faith in Universe or God, that he has our back and we just need to work towards our plans and dreams. Being the best possible version and sooner or later good things will come to us! Looking back and simply appreciating how far I've come also is very helpful. 

Website link:

Instagram: bea_paluszkiewicz

Beata loves the Vetiver and Cinnamon candle:

'I think the Vetiver and Cinnamon is super nice to relax and distress the body when I work in the evening in front of the Macbook - it will help to reconnect with the forest and nature'.