Stories with Innes Vautier

Stories with Innes Vautier

Stories with Innes Vautier

Innes Vautier is a blogger and homemaker, after quitting her job in Investments. We talk to her about living sustainably and family life. 

How do you start your day? 

I’m a real night owl, so I won’t wake up until one of my little ones does. My husband usually gets up with my eldest, which leaves me to stay in bed with our six month old until I feel like getting up! Once I’m up it’s non-stop, so this is my little bit of headspace before the day starts.

We’d love to know about your career path so far! Tell us how you got where you are now?

Like a lot of people, it’s taken me a really long time to figure out what to do with my life. I grew up loving to sew and bake, but felt that I should pursue Maths and Sciences because that’s what I was best at at school. I spent six years working in Investments before we had our first child, and a long spell of post-natal depression made me rethink things. I decided to quit my job to be at home full-time. Around the same time I started my blog, aboderie, to share our journey to living sustainably. It’s wonderfully become a part-time job, which I fit in around my days with my children.

What do you like about your job? 

One of the things I love about blogging is that I have the opportunity to influence people for the better. I want to show the people that read aboderie that it is possible to have a slow, sustainable, beautiful life with children. It’s a wonderful feeling when people write to me to say it’s working out for them.

Have you got a favourite phrase?

“Life isn’t a race” 

I’m a recovering perfectionist, and I still need to remind myself every day that I’m not in a competition. Life now is about slowing down, savouring the moment and not comparing myself to others. 

How would you describe your home interior?

Natural, airy and just a little bit eclectic. Lots of our furniture is salvaged and upcycled. I love the idea of rescuing something and making it new again, partly because it reduces waste, but also because it makes our home unique. I love the calming influence of natural textures, so we have plenty of wood, and fibres like linen. Oh, and plants! Lots and lots of plants.

What makes you the happiest?

I absolutely love to be with family, whether it be the little bubble of my husband and two kids, or time with our extended relatives. There’s nothing like the rest that comes from being with those you love the most.

 Favourite London thing to do?

London’s parks are some of the most beautiful places. Walking through them it’s possible to completely forget you’re in a city.

How would you solve a challenging world issue?

 Climate change is a huge problem to solve, and I don’t think I alone have the answer. But one of the things I want to show people through my blog is that we can each play our part with small, impactful changes every day. I write for parents, mostly because I am one, but also because bringing children into the world can carry so many opportunities to add to the burden on the environment. I want to show people that it’s possible to raise children in a way that makes a real difference to their future. For example, I’m a huge advocate for reusable nappies, and a large part of my time is taken up with helping parents get started with them. That time is so well spent, because every time a parent chooses a reusable nappy over a disposable one, it adds up to a real change for the future.

What are your favourite things to do when you have time off?

If I have a child-free morning, I will always go thrifting. I love kilo sales, charity shops and antique markets, basically anywhere that I can find items to be upcycled and given new life. I’m a keen sewer, so I particularly love finding beautiful vintage fabric that I can turn into baby clothes or homewear. London is one of the best places to find vintage gems.

What does success mean to you?

It’s taken me a long time to figure out that success doesn’t always mean being the best at something. I had to let that go when I became a mum, and maybe that’s a success in itself!

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Innes loves the Bay and Juniper candle: 

'Scents have such a wonderful way of evoking feelings and memories, and I love that the candle does just that. The familiar scent of bay reminds me of mediterranean holidays with family, with a warmth that feels both exotic and homely. It’s beautiful.'