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Vegan Candles, Natural Candle Arokiyam London

An Even Burn...

Burning your candle for short periods can cause the candle to burn unevenly and leave wax on the glass. We recommend burning your candle for 2-4 hours at a time for a beautiful subtle fragrance, but also for an even burn. Before you put your candle out, make sure there is a wax pool that reaches to the edges of the glass. This will encourage an even burn with the wax melting across the entire diameter of the candle.

Vegan Candles, Natural Candle Arokiyam London

Why are there black burn marks around the glass?

If you have spotted burn marks appearing on the glass it’s time to trim your wick. If the wick is left long the flames become too big for the vessel, causing black marks on the glass. You only need to trim the wick by about 5mm, using scissors or nail clippers.

Bubbles and Wax Colour Variations

Bubbles in your candle and an uneven wax colour are nothing to worry about. We use natural oils to make our candles, which can impact the way the wax cools in the container. This will not impact the burn time or scent of your candle and can just be left alone.