Order Enquiries

I am not sure which candle to buy?

No worries, that happens. You can arrange a call with us to talk through the scents or try our candle match to help you make the choice. 

To arrange a call, email: info@arokiyamlondon.co.uk

Can I speak to someone about my order?

We don't yet have a full-time phone number but can arrange a phone call by email. Email: info@arokiyamlondon.co.uk

Can you gift wrap my order?

If you would like your order gift wrapped, we offer an acid-free orange tissue that wraps around the candle. We are also able to include a personalised message from you. If you would like this option simply add a comment to gift wrap when you place the order along with your message. We do not include order confirmations slips in shipments (to reduce paper waste - they are emailed) so the price will not be visible in the shipment. If you have any specific requests or questions please let us know, Email: info@arokiyamlondon.co.uk

Do you offer gift cards?

Not yet online, but if you email us we can work something out. Email: info@arokiyamlondon.co.uk

Can I update or change my order?

We will be able to make the changes for you. Email: info@arokiyamlondon.co.uk.

I didn’t get a paper order confirmation with my shipped order?

We have digitised our order system so we don't use as much paper. We send out all order confirmations over email, so you can print from your email if you need to. 

Shipping and Returns

How long will my order take to ship?

For Standard shipping we generally take 3 - 4 working days and express would be 1 - 3 working days. Currently, we are not able to process orders during weekends or bank holidays. If you need a faster service or want to contact us directly, please email: info@arokiyamlondon.co.uk. You can also find out more about the shipping costs and delivery on the shipping page.  

What if I want a refund?

We get it, sometimes it doesn't work out. 

Read about the process on our refunds and exchanges page.

How can I track my order?

For standard shipping we use a royal mail tracked service which will be uploaded to your shipping confirmation email. On the email will be a button you can press to track the order. 

What should I do with a faulty product?

To let us know about a faulty item or product damaged during shipment please contact us with an image of the issue, so we can best support you. Our email is info@arokiyamlondon.co.uk

Product Information

How long do Arokiyam London candles burn for?

We approximate this at 50 hours. There is also research that suggests that soy wax has the potential to burn 20-50% longer than traditional paraffin. 

How Do I look after my candle?

Great questions, the better you can care for your candle the longer it will last. That means you'll need to buy less often. We've made a candle care page where you can read more.  

Where are the candles made?

We partner with a wonderful factory in east London. They make the wax and hand pour the candles. We are also excited that they are ISO9001 and Sedex approved. 

My candle is not burning evenly, what shall I do?

The main thing to check is if you are burning the candle between 2 to 4 hours each time. The burn pool needs to reach to the edge of the glass for the wax to burn down evenly, we also talk about this on the Candle care page.

Why do the candles have safety warnings if it’s natural?

Very good questions! The wax we use is 100% natural as well as the fragrances, but you will notice that some essentials oils and other natural products also have warnings. This happens because of the concentration used. We never go beyond the 10% recommended dosage to achieve that lovely scent. 

General Enquiries

Why don’t you offer samples?

We haven't yet found a way to offer a sustainable option that would require no plastic or materials we aren't keen on using. 

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes, we do. We'd love to chat to you. Contact our main email address to find out more. Email: info@arokiyamlondon.co.uk

I have a question that is not listed here?

Sure, let's talk! Email us: info@arokiyamlondon.co.uk