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Nature provides us with so many wonderful fragrances. At Arokiyam London we choose to embrace this, creating 100% natural candles.

Made in a local London factory, each candle uses a vegan wax made from coconut and soy.Our unique range of scents are created with our UK supplier, using natural fragrances. Our candles are free from parabens, SLS, phthalates and other harsh chemicals.

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Our history

Arokiyam London was inspired by an incredible story.

Founded by Joela Sakayam, Joela’s Great Grandmother was named Arokiyam. She lived in a small fishing village in Sri Lanka, and was known as an entrepreneur and wise elder, living in tune with nature.

At 60 she passed away and was prepared for the funeral. Friends and family started to arrive and the coffin was closed. With the farewell underway noises were heard from the coffin. To their amazement when they opened it up, she sat up and live on until 112 years old. 

Just like Arokiyam’s story, we strive to create products in touch with nature and long-lasting. 

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We wanted to make finding your perfect scent easier, so we've developed a #candlematch to help you choose.  Simply answer the questions and we'll match you to your Arokiyam London Scent.

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